Thursday, 31 May 2007

The thrills of Thursday

Coach day today, a lovely little party, which was organised by Saga, Daff was flatered to be proposed to by a dear little Saga man. Goodness knows how many cups of tea he had, just to come and see Daff. He said goodbye and God bless five times. They all sat in the tea room, which was bursting at its seams because of the showers, but we had some lovely music of West end shows playing on the CD player. Everybody was chatty and happy, April and Daff served the teas, then suddenly the group left, and just phantom of the opera was playing, and the sun came out. Daff was the gardener today, and expertly planted the new plants, which when in full bloom will excell all expectations, thats if we don't forget to water them. Mr Thistleborough came in to see if I had seen Mrs Cattorick. Ah lovely day off tomorrow, then in for a busy and intriging weekend, we all know whats going to happen then don't we!!!!!!

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Sparking Wednesday

I had a little time off today, and left Daff and rose to play teashops today. I came back to find the teabarn sparking like a new pin, everything is straight rows, sugar pots filled, and looking amazing. we had a few customers in today, and sold lots of clotted cream teas. I have all the plants ready to fill the hug gracious horse trough that stands prominently in the courtyard by the teabarn. We have busy lizzies, petunias and geraniums, so should look quite nice when in full bloom.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Bank holiday clean up

Well, bank holiday weekend over. Quite a busy weekend in spite of the rain and wind and everything else. On with the aftermath, and cleaning up, the outside tables covered in leaves from the great trees hovering over us. On with the coffee, and on preparing for the lunches. Quite a few people in for lunch, Mrs Crosby came with her three dogs, sitting under the tree, all taking an interest in our little tame blackbird called Blackie, and our robin called Stan. Mrs Derwent joined her with a huge icecream, and had a good old gossip. What a lovely day today, everybody happy, and enjoying their cream teas. Daff had to go at 4, so on my own for the last hour, and didn't the washing up mount up. About 5, a dear lady and her husband came rushing in, they had seen the Tea Barn in a book called The Teashop Walks, but could not find it easily by the directions. They were gasping for a cup of tea and something nice to eat, and sat enjoying the sunshine and the soft breez and their Paninis. Mr Thistlborough popped in to see if I had heard from Mrs Catterick. Not today, but maybe tomorrow. Something to do with an old barn on the outskirts of Breamore.

Monday, 28 May 2007

Monday all weathers,

Well today went very well. There was me, Hill and Rose, The weather was changeable, one minute rain and wind next sunshine. Hill and Rose worked very hard, had time for lunch which makes a change. Lots of cream teas, and jacket potatoes, hot chocolate, with cream on top. Very tired after three hectic days. to tired to write any more blog today.

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Sunday rain

Today it rained and rained. There was me lill, hill, and gill all working hard, non stop rain, doom and gloom, raincoats, umbrellas, lots of soup and toasties, nearly run out of milk. Every conversation, echoed about the rain, But never the less a very busy day. roll on tomorrow for sunshine we hope! Mrs Cattorick popped in with some very intriging information. Watch this space!

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Saturday mayhem

Well, it all starts out ok. Rose is there when I get there with all the fresh goodies. Rose has unlocked, put the umbrellas, sugars tablecloths and menus."Lets have a coffee Rose before we start" " Oh no not time, cutomers coming already. On with preparing the salads, washing lettuce, chopping tomatoes, grating cheese boiling eggs. Suddenly a giant coach lurks with its great big antlers. "Oh don't worry Rose. this coach is just for coffees and teas, only two of us, but we can manage that. Smoked Salmon sandwich please I hear in the backgound, Homemade soup please, as the coach party descend on us. Like little ants walking across the court yard, all following each other, All ordering all sorts of lunches. HELP. "My number is 35 where is my sandwich they shout." Just coming " shouts Rose back. We manage to fill the hungry tummies, but oh my goodness me, the washing up goes on for ever, and ever. Never mind the weather was kind, and tomorrow is another day. Home for a hot bath and a glass of wine or two, or three, or four. Happy days at the tea barn.

Friday, 25 May 2007

Bank Holiday preparations

Well, all stocked up, Staff at the ready, and what is to come, rain, rain and more rain. The tea barn is such a lovely place to be in the sunshine, but in the rain the angry owl looks down from the childrens playground to the Tea barn. We are the tea barn connected to the Manor House and countryside Museum built in 1583 at Breamore. Why does it always seem to rain on Bank holiday Mondays.

On with the home made soup, and hot capuccinos and out with the salads and Iced coffees.
Customers will be turning up in soaking raincoats and muddy shoes, glad to reach the warmth and chatter of the cosy tea barn. Glowing faces eyeing all the lovely home-made cakes and crumbles, whispering to each other about the room in the house that dwells the ghost, saying what a shuddering feeling they get as they enter the cold dark room. The children listenening intently, hovering not to miss a thing. " O, here you are children something to colour," crayons everywhere, chocolate and spilt orange all over their lovely pictures. but we say never mind the sun will be shining soon, they can all go out to play.