Thursday, 31 May 2007

The thrills of Thursday

Coach day today, a lovely little party, which was organised by Saga, Daff was flatered to be proposed to by a dear little Saga man. Goodness knows how many cups of tea he had, just to come and see Daff. He said goodbye and God bless five times. They all sat in the tea room, which was bursting at its seams because of the showers, but we had some lovely music of West end shows playing on the CD player. Everybody was chatty and happy, April and Daff served the teas, then suddenly the group left, and just phantom of the opera was playing, and the sun came out. Daff was the gardener today, and expertly planted the new plants, which when in full bloom will excell all expectations, thats if we don't forget to water them. Mr Thistleborough came in to see if I had seen Mrs Cattorick. Ah lovely day off tomorrow, then in for a busy and intriging weekend, we all know whats going to happen then don't we!!!!!!


At 5 June 2007 at 10:51 , Blogger Paul said...

Hello Primrose.

Looks like you are having fun at the tea barn.


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