Friday, 25 May 2007

Bank Holiday preparations

Well, all stocked up, Staff at the ready, and what is to come, rain, rain and more rain. The tea barn is such a lovely place to be in the sunshine, but in the rain the angry owl looks down from the childrens playground to the Tea barn. We are the tea barn connected to the Manor House and countryside Museum built in 1583 at Breamore. Why does it always seem to rain on Bank holiday Mondays.

On with the home made soup, and hot capuccinos and out with the salads and Iced coffees.
Customers will be turning up in soaking raincoats and muddy shoes, glad to reach the warmth and chatter of the cosy tea barn. Glowing faces eyeing all the lovely home-made cakes and crumbles, whispering to each other about the room in the house that dwells the ghost, saying what a shuddering feeling they get as they enter the cold dark room. The children listenening intently, hovering not to miss a thing. " O, here you are children something to colour," crayons everywhere, chocolate and spilt orange all over their lovely pictures. but we say never mind the sun will be shining soon, they can all go out to play.


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