Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Sunshine and Legs

What a lovely day today. The sun was shining, with just a little breeze in the air. The garden was delightful and lush green after the torrential rain we have had. Blackie and Stan were enjoying the lovely weather twittering to each other finding a few crumbs under the chairs. We had a coach party arrive for teas, the group called "Legs", this lady did show me her badge and explain what it stood for, but with it being so hectic, and my memory not as it should be, I can only remember what the last letter stood for, and that was society. They were a lovely bunch, and during serving the teas, I looked out the kitchen window, to see this stallion stood with all the custmers. It had a owner but goodness knows where it came from. It did cross my mind that I hope it behaves itself amongst all the elderly "legs" group.

Daff and Rose were with me today and as always on top form. Daff's Mum and Dad, Hubby and the girls came to tea, which was nice. I noticed Mrs Catterick and Mr Thistleborough chatting away in the corner. Mrs Catterick was red in the face for some reason or the other!
Anyway another day tomorrow. A coach for lunch, that should be fun! On a strict diet now, am aiming to get to a size Zero as the say in America.


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Good for people to know.


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