Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Bank holiday clean up

Well, bank holiday weekend over. Quite a busy weekend in spite of the rain and wind and everything else. On with the aftermath, and cleaning up, the outside tables covered in leaves from the great trees hovering over us. On with the coffee, and on preparing for the lunches. Quite a few people in for lunch, Mrs Crosby came with her three dogs, sitting under the tree, all taking an interest in our little tame blackbird called Blackie, and our robin called Stan. Mrs Derwent joined her with a huge icecream, and had a good old gossip. What a lovely day today, everybody happy, and enjoying their cream teas. Daff had to go at 4, so on my own for the last hour, and didn't the washing up mount up. About 5, a dear lady and her husband came rushing in, they had seen the Tea Barn in a book called The Teashop Walks, but could not find it easily by the directions. They were gasping for a cup of tea and something nice to eat, and sat enjoying the sunshine and the soft breez and their Paninis. Mr Thistlborough popped in to see if I had heard from Mrs Catterick. Not today, but maybe tomorrow. Something to do with an old barn on the outskirts of Breamore.


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